Cupping Gua Sha

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Recently, cupping has been popular due to gold medal performances by the United States swimming team at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

The method works by creating a vacuum suction to the skin for a few minutes.  Cupping is used for musculoskeletal related issues.  It releases and relaxes the muscles by pulling them.  It also vents pathogenic wind between the muscle layer and the skin and so is commonly used for the common cold.

Cupping has a sensation of warmth once it is placed on the skin.  It has been shown to improve blood flow circulation and effectively activate the lymphatic system.

You may or may not experience cupping marks, which will last from 1 to 3 weeks.  Cupping could be very draining so it is important to eat something beforehand.  A patient for cupping must have a strong enough constitution to recover.  Energy drainage would be the equivalent of sunbathing for 30 minutes on our beautiful San Diego beaches.

Indications for Cupping: Common Cold, Cough, Low Back Pain, Painful Menstruation, Arthritic Pain, Abdominal Pain, Indigestion, Hypertension, and Headache.

Gua Sha

Gua (to scrape) sha(reddish rash) is a technique with a tool to help raise sha.  It increases microcirculation and works effectively for stubborn recurrent pains.  It also boosts the immune system, causing a sweat like function on the skin by venting the skin layer. The skin will be marked for 3 to 5 days with this technique.

Indications for Gua Sha: Common Cold, Flu, Bronchitis, Asthma, Internal or External Pain and Stubborn Recurring Pain.

Please Note

Cupping and Gua sha is not for everyone. It should be avoided for people with delicate or thin skin that may easily break. Skin conditions such as wounds or blood conditions (hemophilia) are avoided due to safety.

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