Juan Ramirez L. Ac.

Live a good honorable life, then when you get older and think back, you’ll be able to enjoy it a second time. – Dalai Lama

About Juan

Hello and Welcome. My name is Juan Ramirez. I am a licensed acupuncturist serving in San Diego County at three different locations.

When I was in college I injured my shoulder while practicing the pole vault on the track and field team. My injury was from trauma with severe pain that put me out of training for several weeks. However, during this recovery period, I met a massage therapist who specialized in tui na massage. He worked on my shoulder and mentioned to me that he will address my left hip since it mirrors the right injured shoulder. I recall a deep aching pain on my hip, but I simply thought it coincidental. After only two weeks of therapy, my shoulder pain had disappeared and my range of motion was at 90%.

Since then, I committed to learning about body mechanics, kinesiology, posture, and gait. I attended Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in both the massage therapy program and traditional Chinese medicine and herbology program. Between semesters of the Master’s program, I trained in Acupuncture and Moxibustion at the International Acupuncture and Training Center in Beijing, China.

About the Company

If I had a motto it would be “Longevity”, because that’s what it’s all about. Most therapeutic cases allows for a root cause to be addressed, while targeting “branch” symptoms that an illness presents.

Your body posture, for example, if poor, will prevent the free flow of qi, causing stagnant and slower flow of circulation to occur. This will lead to gravitational pull to other tissue and organs, causing tension to bind. And say now a person has developed a long-term headache.
Chronic pain also affects other systems such as emotions and spirit for example, irritability and sluggishness.

In general, it takes less treatment time to resolve an acute type disorder, than say a disorder that has happened with time. The goal is to address progression of dis-ease and dissolve it, while addressing the root cause. In many cases, acupuncture will only maintain a short level of comfort due to long progression of disease. Chinese Herbs are recommended for certain internal related cases.

I have seen positive change in people who seek acupuncture and massage therapy regularly. I recommend that everyone choose healthy foods to eat, while not over eating, and to work on a self-daily habit that is positive for your own harmonious balance. Check in with your body often and determine if there are any blocks to your greater potential, if so, send an appointment request to see me.

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